Mechatronics Honors Institute

What is the Mechatronics Honors Institute?

A new honors track designed for students majoring in Mechatronics Technology. SELECT students will work in a classroom setting while supplementing that learning with real-world training in a manufacturing setting while getting PAID.

Local manufacturers have partnered with Cleveland State to offer a true co-op experience for SELECT Mechatronics Technology students. These students will be attending classes 2 days/week, and working in a real-world manufacturing setting the other 3 days/week.  

Students will start at a rate of $13.80 per hour after fulfilling all admissions and company requirements. This Institute will allow for not only students to earn wages while in college, but also prepare students for careers in manufacturing and engineering. Students will be prepared to work in many various fields such as automotive, food processing, power production, electronics manufacturing, robotics, and many more.

Students will have the opportunity to earn a Mechatronics Technology Honors diploma by completing Honors requirements throughout their time in the Mechatronics Honors Institute.  These requirements are designed around five central goals, which include: Academic Excellence, In-Depth Subject Exploration, Public Presentation Experience, Leadership Skills and Techniques, and Service to the Campus and/or Community. 

Why apply to the Mechatronics Honors Institute?

Career opportunities after completion of the Mechatronics Technology degree include positions such as: Siemens Mechanics System Assistants, Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians, Electrical Maintenance Technicians, Technical Support Specialists, and Engineering Technicians. These type of positions can command much higher salaries than typical manufacturing positions. With the median household income in Tennessee being only $41,000, this unique opportunity will allow graduating students to graduate with little-to-no debt and bring in salaries that, while may start at averages of $37-45,000, could rapidly increase to $50,000 or more per year. This institute will allow students to enter the job market with much less educational debt, more real-world experience and a strong advantage over graduates from other programs in getting the job that they really want.

Mechatronics Technology at CSCC | Veteran, Student Billy Pierce from Your Skills Your Future on Vimeo.

Local partnering manufacturers include:

Denso McKee


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What Manufacturing Partners/Community Leaders are saying:

We will be building a pipeline of talent.

Crystal Renner Advanced Specialist-DENSO Manufacturing

We are developing a workforce that works for us.

Jeff Carson McKee Foods, CSCC Alum

This program is truly a win-win for all involved. We need workers and the Mechatronics Institute will be a great program assisting in maintaining the economic success in our region.

Lisa Pickel Director of Existing Industry Programs-Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director-Cleveland Associated Industries

The Mechatronics Institute combination of classroom theory and internships and embedded work related experiences directly align with the vision and goals of high school CTE programs of study to create training opportunities for students in high skill, high wage, high demand industries.

Primary Contact Information
Mechatronics Honors Institute

Attn: Mechatronics Honors Institute Career Education Building E106-C 3535 Adkisson Dr.
Cleveland, Tn 37320-33570




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