Why apply for the Mechatronics Honors Institute?

The Mechatronics Honors Institute offers an opportunity for students to earn wages while attending college. Not only will the learning be received in a classroom, but hands-on, real-world experience will be gained through priceless work experience with local manufacturing leaders.
This will allow for students to enter the job market fully trained and a step above competing graduates, with more work-based learning and less educational debt.

Who will be selected for the Mechatronics Honors Institute?

Prospective students will be selectively chosen and accepted based on the following: (along with a Cleveland State application for admission)
  1. Academic success (measured through grades and class rank)
  2. Mechanical Aptitude Assessment (scheduled after application is submitted by CSCC representative)
  3. ACT/SAT scores showing scholastic capability (College readiness in all areas, i.e. Math 19, Reading 19, and Writing 18 ACT scores, equivalent SAT scores, and/or CSCC placement test score)*
  4. Written essay showing communication skills
  5. Commitment to work in a team and problem-solving environment
  6. Two letters of recommendation for employment in the manufacturing field and student’s commitment to work in a team and problem-solving environment
  7. Interview with Industry Partners (date to be set and communicated by CSCC representative after applications are complete)
*If scores are lower than mentioned above, please continue to apply with 1-2 extra letters of recommendation written by a supervisor, mentor, instructor, or someone who is aware of work ethic and ability.

The Mechatronics Honors Institute has specific admission requirements due to its limited placement positions with partner manufacturers. Students seeking admission to the Mechatronics Honors Institute must submit SEPARATE applications for:

Application Information

Mechatronics Honors Institute Application* - Deadline APRIL 1, 2019

*Must already be enrolled at CSCC.

Application Guidelines

All areas of the application are to be filled out completely. If any portion is left blank or can’t be read by the selection committee the application will be considered incomplete.

Applicants will be expected to write an essay as part of the application process. All essays should be double-spaced with a 12-point font. The length should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750 words.The completed essay is due APRIL 1, 2019 and should explain and discuss in detail the following:

  • Applicant’s interest in the Mechatronics field/overall interest of working in a manufacturing setting
  • Applicant’s ultimate/overall goal in applying for a position in the Mechatronics Institute
  • Thinking about how factories were in the past, considering how plants are today, what does manufacturing look like in the future? (Applicant's opinion)
  • Describe why you (the applicant)feel/s the following items are important in the workforce and educational settings: attendance, tardiness, communication, teamwork, respect for authority, and time management.



Some links for Tips of Writing College Application Essays:

Once the application and essay are complete, the applicant's high school transcripts need to be submitted for review. The official transcript will be incomplete as it is due before graduation for most high schools, but will be required to be sent to CSCC once it is available before an applicant can be “officially” accepted to the Mechatronics Honors Institute and CSCC. The unofficial transcripts are due by APRIL 1, 2019.

Other items that are’t required, but are HIGHLY recommended to include with the application items include:

    • Copy of ACT/SAT scores

All completed applications (along with attachments) should be emailed directly to mi_cscc@clevelandstatecc.edu with the subject title stating applicant’s name-MHIApplication. (For example: Subject line- Joe Smith-MHIApplication)

The application can also be mailed to:

(Note-If the packet is being mailed it must arrive by April 1, 2019.)

Cleveland State Community College

     Attn: Mechatronics Honors Institute

     Career Education Building E106-C

     3535 Adkisson Dr.

     Cleveland, Tn 37320-33570

Application Requirements

  1. Applicant must reach the age of 18 by August 1, 2019.
  2. A minimum score of 19, 21 is preferred, ACT score on the Math subsection is required to apply, however college readiness in Math (19), English (18) and Reading (19) by the Fall Term will be required for admissions into the institute.  (This may be achieved through improved ACT or SAT scores, successful completion of CSCC challenge exams, and/or completion of co-req labs by the Fall Term.)
  3. Complete and submit a CSCC Application for Admissions as well as the Mechatronics Institute Application. (include link to pdf file)
  4. Write and submit a 500-750 word essay explaining your interest in working in a manufacturing setting and your ultimate goal in applying for this educational institute.
  5. Prepared to be interviewed by panel of industry partner members and CSCC faculty/staff.
  6. Ability to meet employment screening requirements that may include a drug screen, a physical exam, and a background check.

Important Dates

  1. Due by April 1, 2019:  Prepare, register and take the ACT. You will need a minimum 19, 21 preferred, on the Math portion of the exam to apply,  however college readiness in Math (19), English (18) and Reading (19) by Fall Term will be required for admissions into the co-op. (This maybe achieved through improved ACT or SAT scores, successful completion of CSCC challenge exams, and/or completion of co-req labs by the Fall Term.)
  2. Due by April 1, 2019: Submit completed application for admission to Cleveland State Community College.
  3. Due by April 1, 2019: Complete and submit application(s) for financial aid (FAFSA, TN Promise, TN Reconnect, Scholarships, and Grants). Yes, applicants will still be eligible to receive any additional funding for which they are qualified to receive.
  4. January – April 1, 2019: Complete the Mechatronics Honors Institute application:
    • Meet with guidance counselor concerning necessary data for the Mechatronics Honors Institute application.
    • Complete the application.
    • Write and attach the 500-750 word essay to the application.
  5. April 1 - 15, 2019: Interview selections.
  6. April 15- May 1, 2019: Applicant interviews with consortium members and CSCC faculty/staff.
  7. May 1 - May 11, 2019: Program participant selections.
  8. May 11, 2019: Selection notifications.
  9. June/July 2019: CSCC/Mechatronics Honors Institute program orientation.
  10. June - August 2019: Begin on-site work experience.
  11. August 2019: First day of class.

Co-Operative Education Opportunity

  1. Students meeting the application requirements will be asked to participate in one or more interviews.
    • The interviews may be conducted on the phone, or in person.
    • An individual should expect to be interviewed by a panel consisting of multiple industry partners and CSCC faculty and staff.
    • The purpose of the interview is for industry partners to find the best match for their firm and to ensure the highest possible opportunity for success of the applicant.
    • Interview Tips
  2. The final decision for employment placement will be made by the hiring committee.  An applicant's preference WILL NOT be considered when making the final selections.
  3. Selected applicants will be expected to be college ready in the areas of Math (19), English (18) and Reading (19) by the beginning of the Fall Term to be permitted to participate in the co-operative experience.   
  4. Co-op students will be required to attend ALL orientations, safety meetings, and/or FYS meetings scheduled by the industry partner (employer) and CSCC.
Primary Contact Information

Partners & Initiatives

  • Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator
  • America's SBDC Tennesseey
  • Your Skills. Your Future.
  • OneSource
  • Cleveland State Sustainability Initiative
  • TBR The College System of Tennessee
  • TN eCampus
  • Tennessee Transfer Pathway