The Mechatronics Honors Institute will allow students to enroll for classes at CSCC, attend those classes 2 days per week (available at the Cleveland and Monroe County locations) and work at one of the industry partners the other 3 days of the week. The degree will be completed in 2 years with the students earning $13.80/hr. Salary increases will be provided to qualifying,advancing students, allowing participants to earn up to $16.15 per hour by their final semester.

Curriculum & Accreditation

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Cleveland State Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Associate of Applied Science in Mechatronics Technology is accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE).


Expectations/Retention Requirements

Students accepted into the Mechatronics Honors Institute will have the opportunity to work side by side professionals in the manufacturing field. Manufacturers today are highly automated and require highly skilled personnel to program, operate, repair and continually improve processes. These personnel are individuals who are good problem solvers, proficient in math, reading and comprehension skills. They are highly motivated and willing to help their company perform to high quality and safety standards, therefore participants will be expected to:

  • Be at work on time whenever scheduled.
  • Dress appropriately.  
  • Bring any necessary work gear.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Comply with ALL safety policies and employment guidelines established by the employer.

Once a student has completed the Mechatronics Technology degree there is no obligation to continue working for the industry partner, and there is no guarantee the student will be offered a full-time position with the industry partner.


In order to remain in the Mechatronics Honors Institute the participant must be in good standing with both CSCC and the industry partner for which the student is assigned. All Mechatronics Honors Institute students must:

  1. Maintain a "C" or higher in all classes.
  2. Follow the guidelines presented by the employer to maintain employment.
  3. Attend and participate in CSCC/Mechatronics Honors Institute events which may include but are not limited to, FYS meetings, recruitment activities, and promotional events.

If employment is terminated for ANY reason or the students receives a grade lower than a "C" in any class, the student will not be permitted to remain in the Mechatronics Honors Institute, but will be able to continue in the Mechatronics Technology academic program.

Students who remain employed and advance academically will have the opportunity to receive an increase in wage amount each semester for the 2-year program.

The Technology division at CSCC has a success coach that is available to work with students and any barriers they may have in completing the program. The Mechatronics Honors Institute students will also have a coordinator available for them throughout his/her time in the Institute.


Partners & Initiatives

  • Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator
  • America's SBDC Tennesseey
  • Your Skills. Your Future.
  • OneSource
  • Cleveland State Sustainability Initiative
  • TBR The College System of Tennessee
  • TN eCampus
  • Tennessee Transfer Pathway