Tennessee Valley Early College

The Tennessee Valley Early College at Cleveland State is a partnership between the college and local school systems designed to allow students to pursue an Associate's Degree at the same time they are earning a high school diploma. This goal is achieved by engaging students in a rigorous high school curriculum tied to the incentive of earning college credit during their freshman and sophomore years and taking traditional college courses on CSCC’s campus during their junior and senior years.

The first high school to enter into a partnership with Early College was Cleveland High, and we are excited for Bradley County Schools to join starting Fall 2019. Rising freshman will have the opportunity to apply for admission into the program. If selected, they will have the opportunity to pursue a degree through one of pathways listed below:


 A College Transfer Pathway:
This sequence of courses allows a student to graduate with a University Parallel, A.S. Students are able to tailor their studies towards their individual career goals such as pre-health professions, education, criminal justice, art, social work, engineering, business administration, and many more. Upon completion, students would be able to articulate their degree to any state college or university and many of our state’s private institutions where they could enter college as a junior.

View the College Transfer Pathway (CHS)

Bradley County Schools College Transfer Pathway Coming Soon!


 Business: Students may elect to prepare for the business profession through a transfer pathway listed above on their pursuit to a four-year degree. Those interested in accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, office administration or related fields should consider this curriculum. 

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Bradley County Schools Business Pathway Coming Soon!


 Civil or Mechanical Engineering: These degree programs are designed to prepare students for transfer to a bachelor's degree granting institution. They are designed to create a smooth transition for students to continue their education to earn a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or related field.

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Bradley County Schools Engineering Pathway Coming Soon!


 College Transfer Pathway (Health Focus): This degree will allow students to follow the University Parallel, AS pathway and focus on a general degree program while taking health focused courses when applicable. Those courses can transfer to a college or university in preparation of medical related fields such as Nursing, Pre-Medical, etc.

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Bradley County Schools College Transfer Pathway - Health Focus Coming Soon!


 Mechatronics Pathway: A blend of electrical controls, mechanical systems, robotics, welding and occupational safety classes are included in the mechatronics pathway preparing students to graduate with their Associate of Applied Science Degree armed with a highly desirable skill set for today's advanced manufacturing workplace.

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Bradley County Schools Mechatronics Pathway Coming Soon!


 Criminal Justice Pathway: The Criminal Justice emphasis is designed to prepare students for transfer to a bachelor’s degree granting institution. This program prepares students for more advanced study in a pathway through which students can pursue careers in law enforcement, the legal system, or corrections. (only offered at Bradley County Schools)

 Bradley County Schools Criminal Justice Pathway Coming Soon!



The efficacy of early college programs at improving student learning is supported by national research which has shown that students engaged in this model of instruction are significantly more likely to earn college degrees than other students while at the same time accruing less educational debt and having the opportunity to begin their careers early (thus having the opportunity for higher lifetime earnings).

Any parents of rising 9th graders at Bradley Central High School, Cleveland High School, or Walker Valley High School interested in enrolling or learning more about the program should contact their high school counselors. Parents who are interested in learning what the Tennessee Valley Early College can offer home school students should contact Kelli Roach at kroach01@clevelandstatecc.edu.


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