Student access to college information technology resources is provided for the purpose of supporting pursuits of legitimate educational objectives. Any other use is prohibited.

The college respects student rights to privacy and does not intercept student activity or review stored data without cause, as by court order or as part of internal investigations following legitimate complaints of misuse. However, students must be aware that the college may log student activity as part of normal operations and reserves the right to have the electronic capability to retrieve information from technology-related activity for a period of time. Students should monitor, print or disk-save their files and messages since the college must periodically and without notice delete old files in order to meet storage demands.

Additional rules governing student usage of computers are posted in college computer laboratories and in the Library. Explicit are the requirements that students must respect the rights of other individuals and networks at all times and must not in any way attempt to access or modify any computer operating system files, compilers, assemblers, data sets, application programs or utility programs. Additionally, students are not permitted to use college information technology resources in the pursuit of commercial activities or for non-profit volume promotions such as brochures, announcements and bulletins.

Additional policies about acceptable use and information technology resources are available on the college’s Web site within the Web pages for the Office of Information Technology.

Students who do not follow policies or posted rules may be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, exclusion from college information technology resources, loss of computer privileges, suspension from the college or external legal action. Students may appeal any internal discipline judgments through the Office of Vice President for Student Services.


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