Use of the Computer Laboratories during posted open hours is the right and privilege of all students and employees of the college. Authorized persons are welcomed and encouraged to visit the labs for the express purpose of pursuing legitimate learning interests. The lab computers are the property of Cleveland State Community College. The user will be held responsible for replacement or repair if STOLEN or DAMAGED through negligence or abuse. Lab users are expected to adhere to and abide by these guidelines.

Lab access is generally restricted to Cleveland State students, faculty and staff. Exceptions must be approved by the lab supervisor or appropriate college authority. A valid I.D. (if applicable) is required to enter the labs. Minor children are not allowed in labs, except as authorized through scheduled activities appropriate for their age group.

While the College respects user privacy and does not routinely intercept messages, users should be aware that under provisions of the Patriot Act they are responsible for any computer files, databases, and / or Internet sites that are accessed using college technology resources. Also, pursuant to a valid court order, law enforcement agencies can request that the college disclose previously confidential information accessed or gathered utilizing college technology resources.

  1. No tobacco products, food, or drinks are permitted in labs. Cell phones should be placed on vibrate before entering the lab. If a phone call needs to be taken or made please exit the lab to take or make the call.
  2. Modification, deletion, or copying of college or copyrighted software is expressly forbidden. Severe external legal penalties are provided for violation of copyright laws. Copyrighted photographs are not to be scanned in the labs.
  3. Personal files must be deleted or saved to a  floppy disk or digital storage device at each visit.  Personal files remaining on hard drives will be deleted. Bookmarks, favorites and website shortcuts should not be made on lab machines.
  4. Unauthorized shareware, public domain, privately owned, and commercial software are not to be used.
  5. User conduct at all times must respect the rights of others.  Behavior that is disruptive to the learning process is not permitted. Computer lab assistants are authorized to take appropriate actions toward users who resist reasonable rules of conduct.
  6. Users are cautioned that the College will pursue legitimate complaints relating to the distribution of material that is perceived by any recipient as unwelcome, threatening, or offensive. 
  7. Computer lab assistants may be present to assist users with computer or software problems.  They are not authorized to complete classroom assignments for students.
  8. Abuse, theft, misuse or destruction of college property will not be tolerated.  Users may not repair or modify equipment or remove or tamper with cases, covers, paper feeders, or cable
  9. Activities for profit-making, unrelated non-profit organizations or for personal financial gain are not permitted. For example; activities such as lay out and design and printing of church bulletins, and on-line stock trading.
  10. Games for entertainment or amusement are not allowed. This includes online games played over the Internet. Chatting is prohibited in the labs unless used for communicating with an instructor or other students in a legitimate class activity. This includes chat programs such as: AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger or other chat programs from commercial and non-commercial sources. Internet gambling and games of chance are also included in the definition of entertainment, amusement and online games
  11. Printer paper and toner cartridges are provided and maintained by the College.  Diskettes and other storage devices or other  supplies are the responsibility of users.

Users are to immediately report all unsafe conditions or malfunctioning equipment to the lab supervisor. The college asks your understanding and cooperation in the enforcement of these guidelines for the continued safety of all users and for the protection of the investment of the taxpayers. Failure to abide by these rules may result in severe penalties. Additional guidelines and policies regarding usage of college computer property/resources is presented in the College Catalog.


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