Have plans to make your imprint on the culture of Cleveland State Community College? Want to make great memories of your time in college? Achieve that and more by joining a club or organization at CSCC. Look below for a listing of some of the clubs and organizations that already exist, or gather some folks who share your interests and start your own!

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Interested in joining a club or two (or three or four!)??  The clubs are all described below.  Click below to access the clubs sign-up, where you can enter your contact info and have it automatically sent to the club advisors for the groups you select.

Clubs are labeled if they hold physical meetings at the Athens Center.  


Club Packet 2023-24

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This club has its own facility adjacent to the Cleveland campus. The BCM has a spiritual program for people of all faiths. This organization participates in mission trips, retreats, and other fellowship activities. During non-pandemic times, free lunch is provided on Thursdays to all students, and the center is open each day from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Contact Steven Johnston, BCM Sponsor (bcmcleveland@gmail.com), or Liz Mosley in H-113B or at extension 363 for more information.

This is a club that encourages students to use their talents in theater production
and performance opportunities.  Theater not only requires actors but also stage
hands, artists, technical support, and creative people. Students will get to learn
a little more about drama and its process and also meet and fellowship with other
"thespians" who enjoy theater. Curtain Call is a chance to feed those who have a
passion for theater or perhaps spark interest in others. No previous dramatic
experience is necessary.
For more information, contact Holly Shiveley in H105 or ext. 418.
The Education Club supports the field of education (k-12), assists the college with recruiting and retaining students, and promotes a spirit of friendship among students interested in improving the field of education. Membership is open to all Cleveland State students with an interest in education, particularly to those planning or considering a career in the field of education. Contact sponsor Margaret Horton (ext. 371) for more information.
During non-pandemic semesters, the Grub Club meets every Wednesday for lunch at the Athens Center.  Contact Elizabeth Ann Brown (ebrown05@clevelandstatecc.edu) for more information.

This club brings together students regularly to pursue student interest in history and other related subjects. This includes field trips, discussions, and planned events on campus that focus on history and culture.  See Robert Ellis (rellis01@clevelandstatecc.edu) for more information. 

This club serves our community and is sponsored by the Lions Club. The LEO Motto is Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. As a club we help serve the community by participating in different community service projects and contribute as responsible members of our community. Our goal is to promote student engagement both on and off campus and develop leadership skills. Students will gather to SERVE the community with opportunities available.  For more information contact Juliann Mathis jmathis02@clevelandstatecc.edu 423-473-2427

1980's fearmongering video: This dungeon "master" is given complete control and "players" must do whatever dark things are demanded of them.

Real DM: You've been attempting this for 2 hours. Please, I'm begging you, stop trying to find a black market dealer that sells illegal cyberweapons for rodents and just investigate the plot hook.

This club promotes the identity and stature of its members and the medical assisting profession through community service, education and providing credentials. For information, contact the Medical Assisting Program Director at ext. 702.

This club promote awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of diverse cultures and backgrounds. We aim to celebrate students' differences to encourage understanding and create a more diverse campus. For more information, please contact the club sponsor, Carolina Roman, at ext. 421 or mroman@clevelandstatecc.edu (U-102/108B).

This club is the international honor society that recognizes the achievement among students at two year colleges.  The largest honor society in the world, Phi Theta Kappa membership is invitation only.  Membership is offered in fall and spring to students that show outstanding academic performance.   Membership entitles you to the privilege of special recognition at graduation, eligibility for over $36 million dollars in scholarship funds, and the opportunity to develop friendships and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.  Contact Kimberly Harrington (ext. 499) for more information.

The Quill and Ink Creative Writing Club is a fun space where everyone is welcome to share stories, journals, ideas, and/or spoken word poetry and artistic creations. We often host events such as editing and publishing workshops and journaling for mental health. All are welcome to come join in or to just sit and listen. If you share a common love of writing, reading, and creating, we encourage you to reach out to us! For more information, contact Susie Fries (ext 347 or H-220).
This club is available to CSCC students interested in communicating with their peers in our various fields of study incorporated within the SkillsUSA Competitions at the local, state and national levels.  SkillsUSA is a leadership organization for career and technical students in secondary and college level institutions.  You can find out more about the club by contacting Chuck Barkley at cbarkley@clevelandstatecc.edu.  For more info on SkillsUSA, please visit their website at www.skillsusa.org.
Speech and Debate will help you discover the power of the spoken word — to influence, to inspire, to express for an audience feelings that are buried in them that they have not articulated. Subsequently, individuals actively engaging in Speech and Debate activities are often more prepared to speak clearly during interviews, demonstrate a professional presence, and clearly explain ideas and abilities, especially when put on the spot.  Indeed, there are many reasons why debating in college can lead to you debating all the job offers on the table post-graduation! This team practices weekly at both the Cleveland and Athens sites, as well as travels to tournaments.   See coach Laurie Rowland (ext. 333) for more information.

 This club is open to engineering majors and students interested in STEM careers. The purpose is to provide an environment for students to meet, communicate, and collaborate with other STEM students and faculty. The group seeks to provide opportunities to interact with representatives from 4-year institutions and local business leaders, as well as informing students of internship and cooperative education opportunities. For more information, contact Darrell Oakley in S201C or ext. 791.

Student Art League is a place where artists and people with an interest in art come together to create opportunities for visual art related events on and off campus.  You do not have to be an artist to join.  For more information, contact Bethany Coffin (ext. 431 or G-024).
Student Senate is the students’ voice to the administration. The Student Senate strives to improve the quality of student life through legislation as well as through the  programs and activities it promotes. Contact Jen Marx  (ext. 744, office U-110 D) for more information.
The Wildlife Society at Cleveland State serves to connect students with professionals in the Wildlife and Fisheries field and to provide hands-on experience in Wildlife Management techniques. Interested in becoming a part of this engaging organization?  Contact Robert Brewer at rbrewer@clevelandstatecc.edu or 423-473-2342 for more information.

Club standards, established for recognized student organizations of Cleveland State Community College, are as follows:

  • To have one or more advisors who are members of the college faculty or staff.
  • To submit to the Dean of Students Office no later than October of each year, a report consisting of:
    • A complete list of eligible officers and members.
    • A general statement of purpose or constitution and bylaws.
    • The signature of acceptance of the advisor. (The group advisor must approve this report.)
    • Names of officers for the coming year.
    • Name of Student Senate representative and alternate.
  • To limit membership to students of Cleveland State Community College.
  • To limit activities of the group, and in so far as possible those of its individual members, to conduct which is within the limits of city, country, state, federal and college regulations.
  • To recognize the president of the group as the administrative head spokesman. He/she signs petitions for the group and agrees to the college regulations.


Any social functions scheduled must be submitted on a form and approved by the Dean of Students

  • Failure to meet these prescribed standards or for the infraction of any regulation of the Dean of Students may be penalized by:
    • Denial of recognition of the group as an organization.
    • Denial of use of college facilities.
    • Forfeiture of right to representation in other college organizations, Student Senate, etc.
    • Forfeiture of right to representation in the Student Handbook or other publications.
    • Denial of privilege of some or all social activities for a definite period.
    • Forfeiture of right to function as a group, including forfeiture of charter. The vice president of Student Services and the president of CSCC must approve this penalty.

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