Online Instruction

CLSCC @ A Distance

Cleveland State Offers many convenient ways to take courses beyond the traditional classroom experience.  No matter what your situation is, Cleveland State has an option for you that offers convenient learning experiences that allow you to take courses where and when you need them.  

There are four main modes of distance courses that we offer: Hybrid, Online, TN eCampus, and Synchronous video.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are a combination of face-to-face interaction and online learning.  Roughly half the time for a hybrid course will be spent in a classroom. The rest of the coursework will be completed online.  Hybrid courses are designated by a “Y” in the section number (ex. PSYC 1030 1Y1)

Online Courses

Online courses will be completed entirely online in an asynchronous format.  This means that instructors will give you assignments and due dates. As long as it is completed by the due date, you can complete these assignments on a time scale that works best for you.  These courses are delivered through myCS Courses, our learning management system. In online courses, you may find course documents, learning content, discussion boards, activities, quizzes and much more.  Tests may be delivered online or be proctored in the CSCC testing center. Students who take online courses should be computer literate and have access to high speed Internet. Online courses courses are designated by a “W” as the section number (ex. PSYC 1030 WWW)

TN eCampus

TN eCampus courses run similarly to the regular online courses.  The difference is that your instructor could be from a different Tennessee college or university.  You will also login to a different site to access your course. There are additional fees associated with taking TN eCampus courses.  TN eCampus courses courses are designated by a “R” in the section number (ex. PSYC 1030 R50)    

Synchronous Video

Synchronous Video courses are live broadcasts with an instructor teaching at one location and the students receiving the information at another CSCC site (such as Athens), at home, or any other location.  These classes are real time and have a specific days and time associated with the delivery of the class. These classes run through the Zoom platform. Synchronous video courses are designated by a “T” in the section number (ex. PSYC 1030 1T1)     

Technical requirements

Students participating in any of these distance methods should have access to the following specifications:

  • recent model computer
  • a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • a minimum Internet connection of at least 56kbps, although a broadband or DSL connection is preferred.

Partners & Initiatives

  • Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator
  • America's SBDC Tennesseey
  • Your Skills. Your Future.
  • OneSource
  • Cleveland State Sustainability Initiative
  • TBR The College System of Tennessee
  • TN eCampus
  • Tennessee Transfer Pathway