Emergencies Dial: 911

Non-Emergencies: 423-618-1720 (Cell # avalible 24/7)

The Campus Police at Cleveland State Community College exists to protect the people and property on the campus grounds. Trained and qualified officers work tirelessly to maintain the safety and security of the campus. However, a safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of students, faculty and staff.

Cleveland State’s Police Department is committed to serve, protect and assist.

A Safe Campus in a Safe City

Cleveland State Community College offers a stimulating educational environment and a safe environment. Every day, hundreds of individuals work to provide a safe living and learning environment so your experience at Cleveland State is as full of growth and as trouble-free as possible.

A Safe Campus Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Cleveland State Campus Police policies and procedures are aimed at your safety and welfare. You also play a key role in maintaining your own safety on campus by following security policies and using common sense safety practices, such as walking in groups; reporting suspicious activities; and not leaving books, coats or backpacks unattended.
The following provides an overview of helpful security facts. While aimed at students, much of the information is of value to CSCC employees and visitors.

The Office Responsible for Campus Safety

The administrative office responsible for security on campus is the Campus Police, which reports to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Security Authority and Jurisdiction

Cleveland State’s Campus Police staffs three full-time P.O.S.T. certified police officers, one full-time unarmed security officer, and 4 part-time unarmed security officers at the main campus.  The Athens campus has one full-time P.O.S.T. certified police officer and one part-time unarmed security officer. Full-time police officers have complete authority to enforce State and Federal statutes on all CSCC properties owned or leased.  All officers have complete authority to enforce all CSCC rules and regulations. A security officer may also refer to an offender for further action. Joint efforts are made between Cleveland State Campus Police and Cleveland City Police should there be a serious crime that occurs on the campus. Prosecution of misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses are conducted by the Court System of Bradley County.


Police Department Services

Services we provide


Law Enforcement

  • Crime prevention duties
  • Crime reporting (i.e. thefts, assaults…)
  • Crime investigation
  • Crime training
  • Traffic Accident investigation
  • Traffic Accident reporting
  • Patrols on foot and in patrol cars
  • Coordinates with internal and external agency and departments in order to maintain the safety and security of the campus during regular business activities and special events


Security Activities

  • Unlock/Lock Door
  • Monitor parking lots
  • Security Escort
  • Security Checks
  • Safety Checks
  • Safety Patrols


Helpful Services (No Charge)

  • Unlock Cars (most makes and models)
  • Jump dead batteries
  • Safety escorts for employees and students
  • Secure requested reserved parking spaces
  • Traffic control for events
  • Parking monitoring for events
  • Issue Employee parking decals
  • Issue Student parking decals
  • Issue Temporary parking passes for Students and Employees (The front desk in the Admin Building can issue these passes as well)


*Note: These lists are not all inclusive and other services are provided. If you have any questions please stop by the Campus Police Office located under the black awning along the main sidewalk between the Administration building and the Gym. You can also call our cell number which is monitored 24/7 at 423-618-1720.

Suicide Prevention Plan

Suicide Prevention Plan


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