We are looking forward to seeing you at Orientation. Below you will find some frequently asked questions to help you better understand and prepare for orientation. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email orientation@clevelandstatecc.edu or call 423-478-6218.


Is Orientation required?

Orientation is required for all new students. It is optional for transfer and re-admit students. It will definitely be beneficial for all who attend. Students who took dual enrollment in high school and have not been to college are considered new students.

Can I attend Orientation if I have not applied for admission?

No. You must apply for admission and be accepted prior to registering to attend an Orientation date.

You will need your Student ID (N #) to register for Orientation. Where can I find my Student ID number?

Your student ID number is referred to as your "N #". You can find your "N #" on your acceptance letter that was mailed to you. If you do not have or have misplaced your acceptance letter you can contact Enrollment Services for assistance.

What do I bring to Orientation?

This may be different for each individual. If you have not completed your admissions requirements and can bring any information with you that would certainly be helpful.

Will I be able to register for classes the same day I attend my Orientation?

Yes, as long as you have completed your admissions requirements and don't have any holds for any reason, you will be eligible to register the same day. If you are not eligible to register the day you come to Orientation, you will have to come back to do so when eligible to register. It is much better to have admissions requirements completed and do Orientation and register for classes all in the same day.

How do I check my admissions requirements?

To check your admissions requirements click the Check Admissions Requirements button in CougarNet on My Account page.

How do I check my financial aid requirements?

To check your financial aid requirements click on the Financial Aid page in CougarNet.

Do I have to see an advisor to register for classes?

We have mandatory advising for all degree and certificate seeking students. As long as you have completed your admissions requirements and don’t have any holds you will see an advisor at Orientation and be able to register for classes.

When do I get a Cleveland State ID?

All students who attend Orientation will have a CSCC ID made that day. An ID photo will be taken at Orientation Check-In unless you have had your submitted photo approved prior to Orientation. You may submit your own photo using the form here: http://mycs.cc/studentidphoto

I have decided to change my major since I applied, what do I do?

A link to the "Major and/or Catalog Change(s)" form under the Records Forms in CougarNet on the My Account page.

I signed up for a date to attend Orientation and now have a conflict. What do I do?

Just go back in to the Orientation registration link and pick another date to attend and then notify us of what session you will not be able to attend (orientation@clevelandstatecc.edu or call 423-478-6218).

The only date that works best for me to attend an Orientation Session is full. What do I do?

Contact us to discuss (orientation@clevelandstatecc.edu or call 423-478-6218).

Is there another option if I can’t attend in person any of the scheduled sessions?

You are encouraged to attend in person a session at one of our locations, but if it just is not possible at all to do so you can contact us to discuss another possible option (email: orientation@clevelandstatecc.edu or call 423-478-6218).


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