Education For All - Vision 2025

Education For All - Vision 2025

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 12:00 AM

We are currently working on our next strategic plan - Vision 2025. We will complete it this spring and have it ready for action July 1, 2020. As we work on our draft I wrote the following introduction. I thought I would share it with you now through this newsletter to help build anticipation for more great things to come from YOUR Community College.

The Cleveland State 2020 Community First Plan has been very successful. In addition to completing many strategic goals we effectively changed our culture about how we work together toward student success. As evidenced in our strategic planning workshops we now have a much stronger expectation for continuous improvement.

The Vision 2025 Plan is designed to take us even further; to improve student success outcomes and to better support workforce and economic development in our service area. While we have been effective at “lifting all boats” as we worked to increase student completion rates we now realize that we have “unfinished business” as suggested by the American Association of Community Colleges. This new plan will have a strong focus on equity and inclusion. Our vision of student success cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. Our student-focus must be based on the individual and we must be prepared to teach and support each one considering their individual strengths and challenges.

In addition, we must create a learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all students. When we do these things we will truly be a great community college.


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  • Cleveland State Sustainability Initiative
  • TBR The College System of Tennessee
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