Jaggers Chosen as the 2021 Community First Award Honoree for Healthcare

Dr. John S. Jaggers, founding member and President of Blue Ridge Pulmonary Medicine

Jaggers Chosen as the 2021 Community First Award Honoree for Healthcare

Napierra Alexander
Monday, August 30, 2021 12:00 AM
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CLEVELAND, Tenn. -  As a nation, we look back and realize all of those who are on the frontlines fighting to save others from COVID-19. Many of those people are nationally recognized doctors, nurses, and scientists. Cleveland State Community College wants to recognize the community healthcare workers who sacrificed so much to ensure the safety in their own neighborhoods. Dr. John S. Jaggers is one doctor in the Bradley County community that has sacrificed and served others during the pandemic to make sure the integrity of his community was not taken by the pandemic. For this reason and his dedication as a pulmonologist, Jaggers has been chosen as the 2021 Community First Awards Honoree for Healthcare. 

Dr. Jaggers is the founding member and President of Blue Ridge Pulmonary Medicine, specializing in pulmonary services and sleep medicine. He is certified on several medical boards such as Internal Medicine, Pulmonary/ Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. For decades, he has served the Bradley County community on committee boards and in leadership roles. 

As a pulmonologist, Dr. Jaggers specializes in the health and issues of the respiratory system. Since the COVID-19 virus attacks the respiratory system, Dr. Jaggers had his hands full caring for patients once the pandemic started. He was the first in the line of defense for so many people affected by the disease in Bradley County. Many nights were spent in emergency rooms and hospitals treating those who were so seriously ill. Dr. Jaggers went weeks on end without sufficient sleep so he can continue to treat so many who were near death.

“I have the greatest respect for healthcare workers and what they did throughout the pandemic,” stated Dr. Bill Seymour, CSCC President. “They put their lives on the line everyday, and they continue to do so.  As a Pulmonologist,  Dr. Jaggers treated some of the most ill patients in our community, fighting everyday to save lives.”

Dr. Jaggers’ study of the virus and his discussions with other medical professionals who are treating patients made it possible for Cleveland and the surrounding areas to initially experience minimal deaths from the disease as opposed to many areas of our state and nation.

“During the days of treating patients after getting little or no sleep, John still dedicated all his effort every day to saving the lives of so many who were infected by the disease,” stated Gary Fuller, Past Chair of the CSCC Foundation Board. “To me this is an inspiration to dedicate myself to serving others in need, even when it’s a personal sacrifice to myself and my time.”

According to his colleagues, Jaggers has shown courage and inspiration through his service during the pandemic being an example of untiring dedication and sacrifice for the sake of his community. He believes that anyone that gives back to the community should have a servant’s heart, and many of those who know him best say his heart exemplifies just that. 

Dr. Jaggers will be honored at the Community First Awards Gala hosted by Cleveland State Community College in September at the Barn at Faith Farms in Athens, TN. 

To purchase a ticket or for more information, contact Cindy Dawson at (423) 614-8703. Tickets for the gala are currently on sale online at mycs.cc/communityfirst. All proceeds from the event will go to the CSCC Foundation Annual Campaign.


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