Cleveland State’s Wildlife Society to Participate in Thousand Acre Clean Up

Cleveland State’s Wildlife Society to Participate in Thousand Acre Clean Up

Holly Vincent
Tuesday, March 30, 2021 12:00 AM
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Cleveland State’s Wildlife Society and Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries majors will be participating in the Thousand Acre Clean Up on Saturday, March 27. A part of the Tennessee Cleaner Landscapes for the Economy, Agriculture and Nature (CLEAN) initiative, the students will join a number of other volunteers cleaning up litter across several properties in the Cleveland community.

“This project came about after I spoke with Mike Butler of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation about the Tennessee Clean Act,” Robert Brewer, Associate Professor and Director of the Greg A. Vital Center for Natural Resources and Conservation. “I decided it would be a good way to give back to the landowners that have supported the Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries program over the past several years.”

The goal of this project is to clean litter up across several properties including TWRA, TVA and Cherokee Removal Memorial Park.

According to the Tennessee Clean Act, there are 100 million pieces of litter estimated to be on Tennessee’s roadways right now. Brewer stated, “It is high time we take responsibility for our actions and become better stewards of the land! The amount of litter on our roadways is ridiculous. This is a prime example of Tragedy of the Commons, and it has to end.”

Although this is the first time they have held this event, the college is hoping to make it an annual one.

Jonathan Compton, CSCC Wildlife Society Member, said, “It is important to keep our lands clean and preserved for the use and enjoyment of generations to come as well as for the health of the plants and animals that dwell in these affected areas.”

Although this is spearheaded by the CSCC Wildlife Society, it is open to everyone to participate. Other event partners include Land Trust of Tennessee, Morning Pointe Senior Living and Keep Tennessee Beautiful.

Compton said, “I do hope that this event can be an eye opener and a good educational opportunity to emphasize the proper disposal of garbage. Aldo Leopold (Father of Wildlife Ecology) once said, “Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left.”

For more information on the Thousand Acre Clean-Up or to sign up to volunteer, visit For more information on Cleveland State’s Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries program or the CSCC Wildlife Society, contract Brewer at

Photo Cutline: The CSCC Wildlife Society will be participating in the Thousand Acre Clean-Up on Saturday, March 27 as part of the Tennessee CLEAN Initiative. Pictured: The CSCC Wildlife Society on a spring 2020 class trip sampling salamanders at Prentice Cooper State Park and Wildlife Management Area. (This photo was taken prior to the pandemic.)


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