Pre-Nursing Emphasis

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Pre-Nursing Emphasis


Expected Hours for (TTP) Degree


What is Pre-Nursing Emphasis: Transfer to B.S.N.?

Because of the varying entry points for acceptance/entrance into baccalaureate nursing programs and the different structures of nursing curricula, community college students who wish to transfer to university programs are advised to follow a freshman-year curriculum, as prescribed below, applicable to all university nursing majors.

  1. By completing this one-year plan of studies and then transferring before the sophomore year to a university, community college students will be on par with prospective nursing students who began the freshman year at a public university in Tennessee.Please note that the completion of the pre-nursing community college curriculum and the subsequent courses taken at a university do not guarantee acceptance into a baccalaureate nursing program. Nursing is a highly competitive major, and only the most highly qualified students are admitted.
  2. The specific requirements for admission to university nursing programs may be found in the catalogs of the various universities.



What will I learn?

All students who complete the Tennessee Transfer Pathway will be able to do the following:

  1.    Communicate effectively through oral and written modes, using conventions appropriate to their audience and purpose, including critical listening, reading, and research skills.
  2.    Evaluate the significance of humanity’s development in a historical and/or global context through critical and analytical methodologies.BIOL
  3.    Connect knowledge of social and cultural institutions to issues of personal or public   importance.
  4.    Analyze historical and contemporary issues by drawing on historical contexts.
  5.    Demonstrate a broad understanding of scientific principles and concepts.
  6.    Apply relevant mathematical modeling to a variety of applied or theoretical problems.

In addition, students who complete the Pre-Nursing emphasis will understand basic elements of human interaction, wellness, and body functions that professional nurses use in clinical practice.

What can I do with this degree?

Community college students who pursue this plan will be eligible at the earliest opportunity to compete for acceptance to a four-year nursing program leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree

What is the cost?

  • State residents: $152 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State residents: $475 per credit hour
  • Registration fees vary but are applied to your tuition costs for summary. You can check the updated page for fees, tuition, and expenses.

What are my options to pay for this degree?

  • Apply for financial aid at
  • A student is encouraged to apply early for financial aid. He/she must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the FAFSA Renewal Application as soon as possible after October 1 to ensure that the Financial Aid Office receives the Institutional Student Information Record and other documents prior to the priority deadline. July 1st is the priority deadline for applying for the fall semester and December 1st for the spring semester.

Program Schedule

Fall Semester

BIOL  2010

Anatomy and Physiology I


PSYC 1030

Introduction to Psychology


ENGL 1010

Composition I


HIST 1110 or 2010

World Civilization I or Early United States History


MATH 1530



Fall Milestones

  • Successful completion of learning support required or two years of high school algebra for MATH 1530.
  • Successful completion of learning support required for ENGL 1010.
  • Successful completion of BIOL 2010 required for progression to BIOL 2020.
  • Successful completion of ENGL 1010 required for progression to ENGL 1020.
  • Successful completion of HIST 1110 or 2010 required for progression to HIST 2320 or 2020.
  • FINANCIAL ALERT-Check on fees and other expenses for the college to ensure you are in good standing. Please see your financial aid counselor and the business office.
  • Work with your advisor to discuss Spring registration when contacted. Remember, advising is key to success!

Spring Semester

BIOL 2020

Anatomy and Physiology II


ENGL 1020

Composition II


SOCI 1010



COMM 2025

Fundamentals of Communication


HIST 2320 or 2020

Modern World History or Modern United States History


Spring Milestones

  • FINANCIAL AID ALERT-If you receive aid, the priority deadline to apply or renew your FAFSA is after January 1st. The deadline is July 25th. The first two weeks of the semester is ideal to check on fees and other expenses for the college to ensure you are in good standing. Please see your financial aid counselor and the business office.
  • Work with your advisor to discuss your transfer plans. Remember, advising is key to success!

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