Implementation Team

The purpose of the Cleveland State Master Plan Implementation Advisory Team is to support the work that will lead to a revitalized physical campus.  Team members will make recommendations to the administration impacting decisions on various aspects related to the implementation of the plan. Members are asked to become familiar with the Master Plan and provide input on the process as well as features related to form, function and aesthetics concerning campus improvements.


Implementation Team Members

  • Robert Brandon
  • Robert Brewer
  • Victoria Bryan
  • Emily Earwood
  • Andy Foskey
  • Denise King
  • Mitch Norwood
  • Jana Pankey
  • Candice Patterson
  • Ashley Raburn
  • Mitch Rhea
  • Michael Stokes
  • Nancy Thomas
  • Bob Uhl
  • Patty Weaver
  • Susan Webb-Curtis
  • Tim Wilson
  • Mark Wilson
  • Michele Wollert
  • Karen Wyrick

Implementation Chair & Contact

Notes from Team Meetings


Partners & Initiatives

  • Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator
  • America's SBDC Tennesseey
  • Your Skills. Your Future.
  • OneSource
  • Cleveland State Sustainability Initiative
  • Tennessee's Community Colleges
  • TN eCampus
  • Tennessee Transfer Pathway